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School Outreach

It is Roanoke Ballet Theatre’s mission to provide the Roanoke Valley with high caliber dance and dance education.  To this end, we are committed to providing outreach programs to schools, hospitals, nursing homes, or any other interested organization.  If you are interested in scheduling a visit from Roanoke Ballet Theatre’s dancers, please contact the studio at 345-6099.

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Tinker Showcase

THE TINKER is a works-in-progress showcase that occurs once a month at the Roanoke Ballet Theatre studio.  At the TINKER, emerging performance artists can explore their ideas with an audience.

Dwellings Dancetheatre is a partnership between Patricia Brooks Cope, a dance maker, and Meredith Dayna Levy, a playwright. THE TINKER is their venture in creating opportunities for other local artists to explore, connect, and make performance works. Their hope is that the showcase can be a place where artists feel safe to present a work-in-progress with the intention of “tinkering” further with the project. Audience participation is vital to that process.

THE TINKER takes place at Roanoke Ballet Theatre. Each evening features three to five different artists in the performing arts, be that dance, theatre, or music. There is no set ticket price; rather a hat is passed around for “what-you-can-give” donations. Donations benefit the artists whose work is performed. Refreshments are served after the show, and the audience is encouraged to mingle with the artists afterwards for casual discussion.

For further information contact dwellingsdancetheatre@gmail.com, or like them on Facebook.

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City Modern Ensemble

City Modern Ensemble (CME) is a community modern dance company under the direction of Liza Deck. The goals of the group are artistic integrity, originality, and equality. CME has several full evening events each year as well as collaborations with other dance, art, music, and theatre professionals. Auditions for CME happen at the beginning of the fall semester.

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